​​​At Friendly Horse Riding School, we offer private riding and horsemanship lessons for all children, including those with special needs. We practice and teach positive reinforcement and gentle horsemanship centered around empathy  communication, connection and balance. Each lesson is structured around the rider's personal interests and goals.

Build awareness, confidence and ​strength of mind and body.
Offering private therapeutic riding and beginner lessons for all children in the beautiful San Lorenzo Valley. 
Enjoy a family friendly retreat in
​a garden and forest setting.
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Can I ride in your program?​

​To participate in our beginner and therapeutic riding activities you must be:

– Age 4 years old or older

– Able to wear a helmet (provided)

– Able to follow single step instructions

– Ambulatory and able to sit up independently

– Weigh 100 pounds or less to participate in mounted activities
​– Able to sign, complete and return the provided forms ​​

– No cause for exclusion* per PATH Intl. guidlelines

*We subscribe to the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship Intl. (PATH Intl.) Precautions and Contraindications Index for guidance on appropriate exclusionary criteria for participants in our program. The safety of the our riders, volunteers, staff and equines is paramount at Friendly Horse Riding School. 

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​and inclusive environment.