​Our program is focused on continually growing and broadening Friendly Horse Riding School’s activities and offerings to better serve and support individuals with special needs in our community. Through your generous financial support and donations, together we can do it.​ 

How can you help? Volunteer or donate.

Friendly Horse Riding School is looking for volunteers for upcoming sessions. 

​​​Here are some areas we are specifically looking develop, grow and implement in our program for the future:
​​– Rider scholarship program
– Increase equine herd size to better serve a variety of participants and needs
​– Expand camp activities, offerings and availability
​– Increase volunteer / mentor support and community awareness
​– Include family, sibling and group sessions
​– Integrate with ABA, occupational and speech therapy sessions
​– Showmanship and competition participation​​​

Contact us for more information on how to donate to our program.

Offering private therapeutic riding and beginner lessons for all children in the beautiful San Lorenzo Valley. 

Don't have time to give? Donations help us grow.

Are you interested in volunteering?
Send us a message and tell us about yourself and how you want to help. ​

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities at Friendly Horse Riding School regardless of your history or experience of working with horses or people with disabilities. We will teach you what you need to know and work to find the schedule and area where you feel most comfortable and rewarded. 

Some ways to support Friendly Horse Riding School are:
​– Volunteer as a Horse leader to assist in our riding sessions

– Volunteer as a Sidewalker to assist our in riding sessions

– Stable management and maintenance support
​– Horse care and conditioning support
– Fundraising, event and admin support
– Must be 18 years or older

Also, you can call or email us for more information.

​phone: (831) 419-5248
​email: kendra@friendlyhorse.org